Andreas Toth

Rechtsanwalt (German Attorney-at-Law)


Core Areas of Practice

Insolvency Law
General Civil Law
Commercial & Corporate Law
Contract Law
Procedural Law

Andreas Toth advises on all aspects of Insolvency Law. This includes, inter alia, advising companies as well as private clients on all insolvency-related disputes, in particular the securing and enforcement of claims within the scope of preliminary and opened insolvency proceedings, defence against unjustified claims of contestation of insolvency and directors' liability as well as the filing of claims to the insolvency table. 

In the field of General Civil Law, the core competence of Andreas Toth is to include both the extrajudicial and procedural enforcement and defence of claims in the areas of the sales law, the law on contracts for work, the warranty right and the law of damages. He represents our clients nationwide in all instances of ordinary jurisdiction as well as in out-of-court proceedings. 

A further focus of his activities is also the representation of / giving legal advice to our clients in all commercial and corporate law issues and disputes. This includes the continuous counselling of companies and executives in all questions of entrepreneurial activity, as well as the drafting and arrangement of contracts under commercial and corporate law aspects. 


  • born in Bonn  
  • Abitur (German certificate of general qualification for university entrance) at the high school (Gymnasium) of Vilshofen
  • Legal Studies at the University of Passau
  • Legal clerkship in Bavaria (District Court of Passau, Government of Lower Bavaria, District Administration of Passau, Administrative Court of Regensburg) with a focus on lawyer's professional law   
  • many years of experience in various supra-local law firms in the field of Insolvency Law and the Insolvency Administration

Languages of Correspondence

German, English and Hungarian